About Us - Our Search for God
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About Us

Some Info About Us


Our Search for God is a ministry providing resources for teachers and beginning students of the Word of God. Written at a basic level, the Our Search for God curriculum is compatible with rehab, jail, and prison classes and useful for individuals from middle school through adult.


Meet the Team


Chloe Carter

God melted my heart in 1996 to love the struggling women who were in jails and rehab centers, wanting a better life. These beautiful women needed to know God, who loves them dearly. Tina and I wrote Our Search for God for women and men who were hurting. Now we hope to share Our Search for God with you and share the joy you receive when God is welcomed into hearts because of your teaching. Thank you, God, for giving us the opportunity to teach and love your priceless children!


Tina Robison

When God calls, I am ready to go! Our Search for God is the result of God calling me to teach the hurting and the hungry. Since 1996, Chloe and I have been teaming up to teach wherever we are called, whether it is a drug rehabilitation center or the county jail. We are so excited to offer you Our Search for God as a resource when you answer the call of God to go. We are thankful to God for his continual blessings in bringing others into a relationship with Jesus through the study of his word.

Our Story

In 1994, we were asked to teach at a drug rehabilitation center for young mothers and found that there were very little available resources and so decided to write what became Our Search for God.

We found that many of our students had very little Bible knowledge, spurring us to write at a basic level and include many well-loved Bible histories among the lessons. There are 41 lessons included, each with a scripture text as well as practical application.

After much success in teaching our new curriculum at the drug rehab, a change in location and God’s urging caused us to shift our focus to the county jail. We currently have teachers equipped for all the women’s pods in our county jail and classes are going very well.

Since then, we have found a use for Our Search for God in our local VOA program and other transitional programs. Our Search for God is now used all across the nation and is currently being translated into other languages. Many people have come to know the love of God through this study of His word.

Please feel free to download Our Search for God at no cost and with our blessings on your service to the Master.

In Christ, Chloe & Tina


  1. Is there a charge to use the lessons? There is no charge to use the Our Search for God lessons. We want you to use them as often as you like! Please be mindful that the materials are copyrighted, so no changes are allowed.
  2. Where can I use Our Search for God? Our Search for God can be used in jail ministry, rehabilitation ministry, as well as personal Bible study. It can be used in small group church classes, also. It is also suitable for use with teenage students.
  3. What is the age level of Our Search for God? Our Search for God lessons are designed to be used with the beginning student. They can be used with students as young as middle school and up through adult ages. The lessons are suitable for both male and female audiences.
  4. I noticed that you have a lot of choral reading in your lessons. Why is that? We find it very powerful to read out loud and to read all together. When students engage in this style of reading, they improve comprehension and find a sense of community.
  5. Why do you include such basic Bible stories like the story of Noah and Jonah? We found that many of our students were not familiar with the basic Bible stories of Noah, Moses, Jonah, etc. These stories are relatable for those who are hurting, lost, and broken. We chose to include a story of a person who was important to Bible history in each lesson to strengthen or build foundations for character and relationships.
  6. What if my students ask a question I can’t answer? Our Search for God lets the Bible answer the questions. When a student asks a question that is on his or her heart, it doesn’t hurt to say, “I don’t know. I will have to look into that and get back with you.”
  7. Why this Bible? May I use a different one? Our Search for God is keyed to the current edition of the Life Recovery Bible. We use this Bible because the inmates we worked with were requesting it specifically due to the 12-step helps that accompany the scriptures. All page numbers guide the student through that particular Bible. Of course, you may use a different version ignoring the page numbers and realizing that the wording might be slightly different according to the version of the Bible that you use. Our county jail also requires that we use a soft-bound rather than a hard-bound Bible.
  8. How do you start a jail ministry? Contact the Chaplain’s office at the county jail or facility nearest you. Anyone applying to teach should expect to have a thorough background check done before a badge is issued. If the person applying has been incarcerated, but has a clean record for the past several years, they may not have an issue.
  9. I see that you suggest a short rotation of lessons when teaching in the jail. Why do you not teach all of the lessons? Our Search for God contains over forty lessons. Most of the residents of the county jail where we teach are there for a short time. We prefer to teach only the most crucial lessons for that reason. The students will complete the remaining lessons in their own personal study time. When teaching at a jail or rehab facility, each curriculum is subject to approval by the administration. There may be individual lessons that might be appropriate for personal study but not for group study. This is left up to the facility and the teacher.
  10. Is it scary to teach in the jail? It is possibly scary at first. Once you start teaching in the jail, you will realize how receptive your students are and you will relax! The jail administration will allow those who they approve to attend. Remember, we are all prone to sin and need the love of God.